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Drive-Thru: The Story

Gab Lalande

I love a good junk food feast, but just not when I’m going skating. Two times out of three, physical efforts mixed with beige colored food give me diarrhea, but that day, I had no choice though. Already late for the session, I didn’t have time to cook lunch.
I was condemned to gastric hellfire. 

Bummed I was, sure, but it all changed when I got to the A&W drive-thru, where I saw the most beautiful thing a man could ask for. Right in front of me, a guy was receiving his food from the window on a mobility scooter! Drive-thru ordering at its finest. This random encounter looked really cool to say the least. It was a glorious moment.

"I was condemned to gastric hellfire"

Weird situations involving old people on mobility scooters is what I live for, so I got out of the car to snap a picture of the guy, then ran back. I was thinking : « This guy is a real trend-setter of fast food ordering. I wish I could just talk to him… » 

- "Why are you on a wheelchair? How fast can you go with this thing? Is it true you’re supposed to use a little stool to take a dump properly?".

I had so many questions to ask the mysterious man, but as soon as I got back in the car, he was out of sight.

- "He’s really fast too. I thought".

I was truly disappointed, but two minutes later, after getting my food, I saw the guy parked next to the dumpster, eating what seemed to be a Papa Burger.

Everything happens for a reason, I took the opportunity and went to talk to my new inspiration. As I got out of the car, I looked at the sky, put hands together, and told myself : « Thank you fast food Lord for putting a Double Mozza in my way today. » 

"a real trend-setter of fast
food ordering"


The dude had no important secrets to tell me, but there was something so special about him. He didn’t know about the proper way of taking a number two or whatever, but he did know he loved cool art. So weird… I gave him a couple stickers that he instantly slapped on his cart.
Such an honor. With a strange, yet peaceful look in his eyes, he shook my hand and said goodbye. 

I got diarrhea later that day… 

- Brother Merle